"Retirement: What If?" Calculator  (Browser Software)

Increase your sales with this simple, yet powerful, presentation and analysis tool.

  • NEW Browser-Based Software - Now the "Retirement: What If?" calculator works on any device with a modern browser (IE7+, FireFox2+, Safari3+, Chrome3+)
  • NEW Works on Laptops/Notebooks/Desktops, PC (Windows) or Mac (Apple), iPad 1, iPad2, iPad3, Android tablets, iPhone, Android phones, etc.
  • NEW Also works in "Offline Mode" in selected browsers* (see below) when you are not connected to the Internet (may require acceptance of Offline Storage on your browser/device).
  • NEW Large navigation buttons and context enabled input for compatibility with pad and tablet devices.
  • "Define Your Goal" Tool - Help your clients understand and estimate their future retirement needs.
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  • "Inflation & Purchasing Power - Visualize the effects of inflation on your purchasing power.
  • "The Power of Compounding - Help your clients understand how to put the power of compounding to work for them.
  • "The Rule of 72 - Calculate the time it takes for an asset to double based on the interest rate.
This tool has been designed specifically for you! Order your copy today and help your clients better visualize the powerful financial calculations and tools only you can provide.

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* Browsers that Support "Offline Mode"

If you would like to use the calculator in Offline Mode please consider downlading and installing (or upgrading your current browser to) one of the more modern browsers listed above.

Other devices that support Offline Mode:
  • iPad: all versions with current software
  • iPhone: 2.1+
  • Android: 2.0+ (phones and tablets)